Value Proposition

Do you link the problem to your solution?

Learn how connect customer to problem with solution and competition.

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In a very simplistic way this tool is the positioning statement that explains what benefit it will be possible to provide for the particular user and how that benefit will be so unique. This framework will help to describe your target buyer, the problem that you are solving, and why you're distinctly better than any alternative out there.

Who could use this

This tool could be used, literally, by anyone that is trying to explain the value of their product or service as it will help to bring clarity around the proposition that is being designed or thought. Independent of your development stage this framework is a very good tool to explain the value of what you are trying to do to other people.

Framework explanation

Your value proposition is the link between your customers problem and your solution and should be design in a way that is simple to articulate. In short, it should be your elevator pitch.

In order to define the value proposition we will need to think about the following:

  • Your target customer
  • That has a certain need
  • Will need a certain product
  • That can solve for something
  • And unlike the alternative is better

In a very simple way we will need to be able to articulate all this in a sentence. That sentence will be as follows:

For (target customer) who (statement of customer need of motivation), the (product name) is a (product category) that (statement of key benefit) unlike (primary competitive alternative) our product (statement of primary differentiation)

We now only need to feel in the gaps to obtain the value proposition that will be easy to convey to anyone that is connected or not to the project.


Here you will find a slide example. Soon we will implement a feature for anyone to download all the tools that we are building.

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